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New Relationship Test: What does your new date REALLY want?

Read the Article: Are you starting a new relationship? Four key questions to ask yourself while it is unfolding, then see how he/she rates on the four key questions!

Quiz: New Relationship Compatibility Test

  1. AUDIENCE or LOVER: Does your date really care about you or just seeking an audience for attention?
  2. A definite lover!
    Lover most times
    Not sure
    Mostly audience
    Definitely an audience

  3. Who is LOVING whom?
  4. Both of us are very loving
    Me mainly being loved.
    Not sure
    Loving is inconsistent
    He/She being loved

  5. How SENSITIVE is your date?
  6. Very sensitive to me
    Depends on the moment
    Not sure
    Could be more sensitive
    Can be quite thoughtless

  7. How INCLUSIVE are they? Does he/she appears to genuinely want you in their life?
  8. Definitely wants me
    I feel involved quite often
    Not sure
    Not nearly enough time together
    Definitely friends with benefits/a trophy

THANK YOU. Please complete the details requested (for research), and click the SEND FORM button. Your score will be sent to you shortly.

Gender and Age:

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22-24: You have found a gem who definitely cares for you. Good luck!

28-21: A very promising date who perhaps needs time to bring out the best in him/her. Lots of potential.

12-17: This date seems uncertain, perhaps lacking confidence in him/herself, or the type who is not too expressive. Caution needed here.

8-11: Not a stayer and more likely to be rather selfish, mainly for his or her own needs. Not much to hope for here.

4-7: This person is all for him/herself. Nothing happening here. Keep well away.

What should I do if my score is not as expected?

If you scored LESS THAN 23, you would find one of our personalised Coaching Services very useful! LESS THAN 15 and you definitely need some advice or coaching!

Your Relationship needs personal investment.
Do something about it TODAY!