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The Sihera Relationship Guide©

(Part 4 of The Sihera Series on Emotional Health© with over 1000 articles on personal development)

Created by Elaine Sihera BA (Open), PGCE MA (Cantab);
(Writer & Management Consultant. The most noted, and quoted, British expert on the Internet)

Other titles in the series:
Part 1- The Sihera Confidence Guide©
Part 2- The Sihera Emotional & Mental Health Guide©
Part 3- The Sihera Career & Management Guide©

We hope you enjoy this Relationship website and find something of value on it!

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The Sihera Relationship Guide©
is a FREE website for your information and enjoyment.
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One-Stop Shop For Relationships

Many people do not realise that RELATIONSHIPS are the biggest cause of unhappiness in their lives. That is because relationships are connected to our basic need to belong; to be desired and to be wanted. When we are rejected, or our expectations are dashed, we use such negative circumstances to judge our whole existence which then has a domino effect on everything else.

The creator of the site, Elaine Sihera, believes that the key to personal happiness and life quality is emotional health: how we actually FEEL on any given day. The Sihera Relationship Guide© is a kind of one-stop-shop for most things relating to relationships: seeking new partners, dating, making friends and improving interactions and the quality of life. Hopefully, you will explore the topics that really interest you and keep coming back for more.

There are LOTS to read and do on The Sihera Relationship Guide©. We hope you find something of value and, of course, tell everyone you know to pay a visit too.

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What Do I Do Next?

Why not test the state of your relationship right now? What is your score? Does it reflect how you feel, or could the relationship be better?

Knowledge is essential. Applied knowledge is power. Know your situation at home, or with your dating, so that you will be able to use the site to do something about it, if necessary.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the contented people, understanding why your relationship is successful could also be useful.

OR you can go straight to any of the Article Headings and sample the various topics on either DATING or RELATIONSHIPS.

OR you can check out the Other Quizzes to see how you measure up on various personality and success aspects.

OR, if you need some independent coaching and advice, have a look at our COACHING SERVICES. You might find it useful before you make those difficult decisions.

OR, if you need extra help to improve, have a look at the recommended Self-Help Books for some guidance and increase your sense of well being.

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Charity has to start from within us, and only when we feel emotionally at peace with ourselves do we feel inclined to spread that joy outwards and interact positively with others. We put emotional health and wellbeing at the very heart of our existence and evolution, hence this unique, inclusive website, The Sihera Relationship Guide©, which has a little bit for everyone.

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